HKE Resonant Tech Applied to Bottled Water


Bottled Water

The drinking water industry through its infancy has truly matured. The market began to be subdivided. Hexagonal water, also known as structured water, revitalized water or small molecule water is one good example. Water nutrition experts point out that hexagonal water is more easily absorbed by the body because of its smaller molecular clusters. It is even better known as "water for cells". Not only can it help transport nutrients, eliminate waste and toxins deposited inside or outside the body's organs, but also can help exchange information between cells, maintain normal operations between cells and organs, and delay the decline and aging of the body. International Natural Medicine Association experts measured water in the world’s longevity village by using oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) half-width detection method. They found that the water molecule clusters in longevity village are less than 90Hz, indicating the water is small molecule cluster water.

The hexagonal water, also known as structured water or revitalized water may be one of the good business opportunities for the calm tedious bottled water industry. The water that has been resonated by HKE resonant technology is a long-acting small molecule cluster water (the long-acting type is defined as NMR below 70Hz) and will not degenerate to large molecule cluster water. We are welcome all water-related industries exploring the infinite possibilities of hexagonal water, structured water or revitalized water together with you.