D What is HKE Hydrogen Kinetic Energy Physical Resonant Technology

What is HKE (Hydrogen Kinetic Energy)

The Role of HKE Physical Resonant Technology

The energy fluid in all AquaHex Hexagonal Water Generating equipment made by rare elementary materials contains basic elements, protons, and electrons. The energy of protons comes from the far-infrared emissivity of the sun, and the electrons are affected by the gravity of the earth's rotating magnetic field. After the two collide, they spontaneously rotate to generate resonance energy. Under the effect of this resonance, the molecules of the water-containing substance are miniaturized. HKE energy fluid induces the hydrogen bond break between water molecules and destroys Van der Waals Force, thereby maintaining the water molecule clusters in a smaller form. The most important is that the generator does not need to be powered, heated, condensed, gasified, or added to any additives during the whole process.

In the case of water that has not been resonated, the water molecule clusters are generally comprised of many water molecules that are loosely attracted to each other. This loose and chaotic form of attraction allows for toxins and pollutants to travel inside that water molecule cluster. Furthermore, if water can retain the memory of pollutants, and the memory can survive the filtration and chlorine treatment of the water plant, then we may provide our body cells with a lot of bad information. (In 1991, Nobel Prize recipient, physicist Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, documented water's ability to store electromagnetic information and asserted that water transfers coherent information to living organisms.)
AquaHex Hexagonal water vs unstructured water
Water treated by HKE physical resonance (Hexagonal Water Generator), the water molecules crack into very small water molecule clusters and bad pollutant memories are removed as well. Each molecule cluster is made up of an average of six symmetrically organized molecules. This minuscule cluster is recognized by the cell as “bio-friendly” due to its hexagonal structure and because the toxins cannot travel within the cluster, and easily enters the passageways in plant and animal cell membranes. The result provides maximum, healthy hydration with less water.