• distiller

    Spirits Distillation

    Winemaking and spirit production involve the biochemical transformation of grapes or grains into wine or whiskey. Conventional methods dictate aging spirits, such as whiskey, for about 3 years in oak barrels before bottling. However, these prolonged maturation cycles often lead to significant time and financial investments. Revolutionizing the spirits industry, our HKE physical resonant technology introduces an innovative solution for accelerated maturation.

  • aquaculture

    Indoor Aquaculture

    Aquaculture is one of the fastest-growing sectors in agriculture because of the growing population and demand for protein-rich food. The water quality of aquaculture especially using RAS fish farming directly impacts the health of the fish. New advancements in water filtration and circulation are making it possible for indoor fish farms to dramatically grow in size and production. The future of fish farming may be indoors, according to news in Scientific American.

  • essential oil extration

    Essential Oil Extraction

    Mastering the essential oil extraction of the Damask rose, for example, is an art form. Our groundbreaking HKE physical resonant technology elevates essential oil extraction, significantly enhancing the flavor profile and essential oil yield. Experience not just the enriched flavor but also the amplified essential oil output through this groundbreaking innovation

  • Drip Irrigation/ Hydroponic

    By 2050, the population is expected to increase to more than 10 billion, and the arable land per capita will decrease by 20%, resulting in the inability to grow enough crops to meet the daily calorie needs of human beings; coupled with the increasing shortage of water resources. Drip agriculture and hydroponics are therefore the fastest growing sectors of agriculture and are likely to dominate future food production.

Why Hexagonal Water is Important to Health

“The top virtue is like water, benefitting all, contending with none, and is content with what all others disdain. Therefore it is close to the Word.” - Tao and Teh · Chapter 8 -
Water is what we depend on for every bodily function and ultimately for survival. When a baby is born, water in its body cells is a hexagonal ring-like cluster, also known as structured water or revitalized water or small molecule cluster water. This is why the baby's skin is tender and full of vigor. As one grows older, the human body begins to lose hexagonal structured water or in its cells and DNA. At the age of 58, only 23% of the water in the body is hexagonal water, also known as structured water or revitalized water. The loss of hexagonal structured water will affect the body's metabolism, skin complexion and circulation, healthy immune system, and detoxification.


Business Philosophy and Quality Policy

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