Hydrogen Kinetic Energy Application



As the population of our planet soars and arable land available for crop production declines, hydroponics is the fastest growing sector of agriculture, and it could very well dominate food production in the future. Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil by using mineral nutrient solutions in a water solvent. Water and oxygen plays important role in hydroponics and plant health. The oxygen actually assists the process of nutrient uptake of root. When more oxygen is present, plants can better absorb minerals and even water. That means the Hydrogen Kinetic Energy Hexagonal Water Generator can make your nutrient solution more efficient, thanks to its high penetration, diffusion force, solubility and high oxygen content.

Without enough oxygen, you may drown your plant That’s where HKE hexagonal water generator come into play for your hydroponic growing strategy. Hereafter is one of example, HKE hexagonal water generator applied to one of hydroponic systems – Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system.

Agriculture / Livestock
Crop yield and production are positively affected by agricultural water quality. When water is used to irrigate plant with hexagonal water, the plant will grow faster, more nutrient value and stronger than normal water. Furthermore, irrigation with hexagonal water can expect to use 20 ~ 30% less water than usual. The use of hexagonal water to bred animals can make them more active and healthier. This is just the beginning stages of what we are learning about the benefits of farming with hexagonal water.

Bottle Water

Drinking water industry through its infancy has truly mature. The market began to be subdivided. hexagonal water or small molecule water is one of good example. Water nutrition experts point out that the hexagonal water is more easily absorbed by the body because of its smaller molecular clusters. It is even better known as "water for cells". Not only can it help transport nutrients, eliminate waste and toxins deposited inside or outside the body's organs, but also can help exchange information between cells, maintain normal operations between cells and organs, and delay the decline and aging of the body. International Natural Medicine Association experts measured water in the world’s longevity village by using oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) half-width detection method. They found that the water molecule clusters in longevity village are less than 90Hz, indicating the water is small molecule cluster water.

The hexagonal water may be one of good business opportunities for calm tedious bottle water industry. By using HKE technology, the water is small molecule cluster water (NMR @ at 60Hz) and will not degenerate to large molecule cluster water. We are welcome all water-related industries working with us.

Indoor Aquaculture

Water quality is the most important factor affecting fish health and performance in aquaculture production systems. Good water quality refers to what the fish wants and not what we think the fish wants. The hexagonal water generated by HKE technology is very good for indoor aquaculture with water filtration and circulation system, thanks to its strong water activity, penetrating power and higher dissolved oxygen. Anaerobic single cellular algae are difficult to survive in the water. Relatively, high oxygen multicellular algae can grow healthy. The frequency of changing fresh water or seawater is reduced. Bacterial growth is limited and of course fishes grows healthy too.


Winemaking is a bio-chemical process through which grapes or grains are transformed into wine or whiskey. One of main cost of Winemaking is Time. A bottle of reserve wine generally costs more than another non-reserve wine of comparable quality. Since reserve wine remains in oak barrels longer than non-reserve wine, reserve wine lasts longer. With physical resonance of HKE technology, the molecules of young wine are miniaturized to accelerate the effect of estering, making the wine or whiskey more aromatic, taste and high nutritional value.